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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do Saber Shred Solutions cover?

We service North Dakota, South Dakota, portions of Minnesota, Montana, and Wyoming.


Does Saber Shred Solutions take excavator or Bobcat tracks?

We accept excavator and Bobcat tracks. Call us for pricing.


Does Saber Shred Solutions take oversized tires and tires with rims?

We accept both oversized tires and tires with rims. Call us for pricing.


What is the minimum amount of tires before a pickup is scheduled?

In general, we have a 30-tire minimum before a pick-up is scheduled.


Are you a licensed facility?

Yes, Saber Shred Solutions owns and operates a landfill and tire processing facility located north of Bismarck, ND and is permitted to dispose of tires.


Does Saber Shred Solutions charge to pick up tires?

Yes, we charge to pick up tires. The amount charged depends on how many tires you have, the tire size and your location. Call us for pricing.


How long does it take to schedule a tire pick-up?

The time to schedule a tire pick-up varies with the time of year, location, and number of tires. Busy seasons, such as late fall/early winter or spring, could result in delays in tire pick-up for new customers.


Can I drop off my tires at your location?

Yes, you can always drop tires off at our landfill north of Bismarck at 14108 34th Street NW, Bismarck, ND 58503. Please call in advance to make sure the facility is open for collection.

I just saw your truck in town. Can they stop in and pick up my tires too?

Unfortunately, our trucks are usually on a specific route when you see them. Please either contact our office at (701) 471-4964 or fill out an online inquiry to see if we can pick up your tires the next time we are in the area.


What do you do with the tires you collect? Are they recycled?

Through our collection services, we save tires from overloading landfills, polluting waterways and depleting air quality. We grade the scrap tires we collect and resell only the highest quality ones back into the marketplace along with providing high quality casings to retread shops for commercial vehicles in order to keep costs down for consumers and trucking fleets.


How can I pay for the disposal of my tires?

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. You can pay on our website by credit card or bank account.